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[Old Person's Program]
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Partners In Health is an exercise and fitness specialist centre offering a wide range of quality health services.

Why choose Partners In Health?

  • The owner of the centre, Lisa Robinson, is the operator of the centre. 
  • Lisa brings 26 years experience and knowledge of physiology, motivation coaching, weight loss, sports rehabilitation and injury management.
  • We do not deliver ‘off the shelf’ fitness and health programs. We listen to what you want and need, rather than fit you into the current trend. You get the benefits of extensive experience in health and fitness issues.
  • We passionately believe in providing functional fitness rather than ‘gym’ fitness.
  • Lisa develops tailored programs for weight loss, general fitness, flexibility, flexibility and athletic performance. She also brings 26 years experience to developing suitable rehabilitation programs. Medical/surgical specialists as well as local hospitals frequently refer patients to her.
  • Partners In Health’s promise of a personal, friendly touch is fulfilled at every visit. All members are known to staff and newcomers are always warmly welcomed to our cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Specialist programs for all movement disorders.
  • The rehabilitation arm of Partners In Health is highly regarded by a large group of referring medical and health professionals. They offer special care for anyone with present or post cardiac issues. Partners In Health know how important it is for exercise to continue after the six week rehabilitation hospital program. We offer a continuation of special care in a non-intimidating and relaxed atmosphere.



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